SEPT 29 - OCT 2, 2020

Congress may look a little different this year, but it will still be an explosion of Student Voice!

What you need to know

Day 1 | Sept 29

Pitch your issue

Got an issue with our education system? Congress is here to help! Anyone at Congress can pitch an issue and the whole group votes on the top twelve issues to work on.

How pitching works

  1. Think about what you really want to see changed in the Victorian education system
  2. Come up with some reasons why this particular issue is most important to focus on
  3. Turn that into a 1-minute pitch to present to everyone at Congress
  4. Once everyone has pitched, everyone votes on the top 12 issues to focus on in Action Teams

Keep an eye on our socials for pitching tips and for a pitching help session!


Join the VicSRC Student Executive Advisory Committee!

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Checkout our student led space

The Student Voice Hub is a place where students can come together to collaborate, get resources and talk about what's happening in other schools around the state with regards to student voice.

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