To advocate is to speak or act in support of or in defence of somebody, a community, or a cause.

Individual advocacy

VicSRC is a systemic advocacy organisation, that means it works on big asks and issues that are important to lots (or all) of the students in Victoria, not advocacy that supports individuals. If need advocacy support as an individual check out the resources below.

Resolving issues within the system

The Department of Education and Training (DET) has a few different policies for feedback and complaints for when students and families need to

If DET is unable to resolve the issue or you’re unsatisfied with the resolution you can enlist the help of the Independent Office for School Dispute Resolution.

Other organisations

The Youth Disability Advocacy Service, who are the only advocacy organisation in Victoria dedicated to supporting disabled young people to achieve their human rights.

Parents Victoria advocate for parents voice in government school education in Victoria and can support you or make enquiries on your behalf with your school, DET or the government.

Other resources

There are other independent resources available to provide information or assistance for those advocating for themselves in the education system, including:

The Conduct reporting guide was put together by the Victorian Institute of Teaching and other regulatory bodies - in consultation with groups like VicSRC - to make it easier and clearer who to talk to if a teacher is behaving inappropriately. If you’re having an issue with a teacher this is a good place to start!