VicSRC's Response to Covid-19

VicSRC is proud to be part of the amazing community of learners and educators who are working together, now more than ever, to keep education happening. We've been working with the University of Melbourne to make information on COVID-19 more accessible to students - check out the results on the Student Voice Hub.

Here are the things we're up to and the kind of stuff you can expect to see from us, as we all continue working from home and doing our best to keep everyone going.

If you are a learner we are...

  • Working to answer all your most pressing questions, including making sure the information coming from the DET is available to you
  • Taking the questions and concerns we can't answer directly to the DET and the Minister for Education
  • Sharing your individual experiences through our Editorial Team and social media updates on how learning from home is going (let us know if you want to be involved in this!)
  • Continuing to advocate for your priorities through the work of our Executive Committee and staff members

If you are an educator we are...

  • Working with schools to deliver programs via webinars
  • Taking our programs online to make them even more widely accessible

If you're either of the above or anyone else involved in education we are...

  • Making all of our current resources freely available on the Student Voice Hub
  • Working on new resources about things like how to best practice child safety while working online and how to raise student voice remotely

Covid-19 Links

We are working to share the latest education advice and information from the Victorian Department of Education and Training in ways that are clear and easy to understand.

To stay up-to-date with, follow us on our Social Media channels and explore the links on the Student Voice Hub below:

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