COVID-19 Resources

VicSRC is a voice for students.

We're proud to support all learners and educators working hard to keep education happening and supporting student mental health in 2022.

Here are some resources we've developed to support you as we head back to school.

  • Make sure you're following us on social media where we'll keep you up to date on all the latest information (in plain English!) on how schools are staying safe.

  • Read our Advocacy Platform 2022 for what we're working on this year and sign up to our Pledge to let us know which student-led ideas are part of your plan.

  • Join the Student Community or sign up to our VicSRC Update to stay in the loop on how we're advocating for you.

  • Check out our Learning from remote learning‘ report to see student recommendations on what lessons from remote learning might help us improve education going forward!