Student mental health support pledge

The last two years have been a huge struggle for students and educators, who have suffered from the uncertainty, the stress and isolation of working through a global pandemic.

Last year VicSRC declared a mental health crisis for students and focussed Congress 2021 in on ways to improve student mental health through the education system - making mental health just as important as physical health and academic success.

The below recommendations are part of our Advocacy Platform 2022 for school actions.

You do not have to pledge to do everything, or even something from every category. We know change can sometimes be slow in the education system, but we encourage you to think creatively about what and how you can achieve these things (and follow us on social media where we'll be sharing advice on how to bring these to your school)!

Also if there is a recommendation that is already in place at your school make sure you check it off! We'll be in touch to ask how you're going throughout the year and we would love to hear how you achieved things previously as well as how you're working on them now.

While you're here why not become a Partner School, join a network of schools all across Victoria who are working hard to empower students.