Victorian Election Platform

Establish a student-led Mental Health in Schools Taskforce

The last two years have seen unprecedented challenges to student mental health as well as the conclusion of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, which commenced in 2019. This has prompted historic investment by the government into mental health reform in schools. To ensure the programs and initiatives introduced through the reform are successful, it is essential that students currently experiencing them are able to provide regular feedback and advice. This is why VicSRC is proposing a Victorian student-led Mental Health Taskforce.

Mental health is one of our primary priorities and we want to establish a student-led Mental Health Taskforce to provide unique student perspectives on issues and for schools to understand what works best for students.
VicSRC Student Executive Committee member 2021-22

The taskforce would be the first of its kind in Australia, a student-led group that will provide ongoing, current feedback and advice directly to government on policies and programs that impact their day-to-day life at school.

We want candidates to commit to establishing and supporting this taskforce for a minimum of three years.

The taskforce will empower students to provide honest feedback through their peers, enabling the government to regularly hear from students about how the reforms are going, ensuring continual improvement and that the funding for programs and initiatives is being used effectively.

A student-led mental health taskforce is the only way to truly hear from, and understand honest student experiences to support our mental health in schools.
VicSRC Student Executive Committee member 2021-22