Victorian Election Platform

Engage, listen and partner with students on all education decisions

There are over a million students in Victorian primary and secondary education. Many decisions about how, why and what they learn are made without their advice, feedback or contribution. Students are the biggest stakeholders in education and they should be part of decisions about it.

Students are the primary stakeholders in education. To maximise positive outcomes, students need to be at the centre of decision-making in education in Victoria.
VicSRC Student Executive Committee member 2021-22

VicSRC represents all school-aged students in Victoria and has worked closely with governments for almost two decades to provide student perspectives and connect government with specific groups and communities.

We want the candidates to commit to actively seeking guidance, advice and feedback from students in the creation, development, implementation and evaluation of all education policies, programs and initiatives.

Education will be more relevant, engaging and safe for students if they are actively involved in decision-making, leading to better education and wellbeing outcomes.

Engaging with students ensures that our voices our heard and that our role as the primary stakeholders in the education system is recognised.
VicSRC Student Executive Committee member 2021-22