Victorian Election Platform

Empower effective student-teacher relationships

Over two years of disrupted learning, including extended periods of learning remotely, have shown that teacher-student relationships are vital to all student outcomes from academic learning to mental health and wellbeing. Student outcomes and school culture are suffering as a direct result of these challenges and the impact they are having on student-teacher relationships.

Funding the Teach the Teacher program in all Victorian schools will foster a culture of collaboration within a school as education is, and always should be, a student-teacher partnership.
VicSRC Student Executive Committee member 2021-22

Teach the Teacher is an internationally acclaimed professional learning program designed and delivered by students to promote a culture of collaboration and shared decision making in school. The program empowers students to lead collaborative, solutions-focused conversations with teachers about changes they want to see at school.

VicSRC wants all schools in Victoria to have access to this program. We are asking candidates to commit to funding the development of a hybrid online and in-person delivery method that will enable all schools in Victoria to participate with support and guidance from VicSRC.

Teach the Teacher is the ideal program to develop “shared processes and actions by staff and students that build a positive school climate for learning and wellbeing through practices and relationships based on high expectations, shared values and a culture of trust” as outlined in the updated Framework for Improving Student Outcomes.

The Teach the Teacher program promotes the idea that learning is a partnership not a dictatorship and allows students, as the experts in their own education, to take agency over the education they are receiving after the past two years of disrupted learning.
VicSRC Student Executive Committee member 2021-22