HEY series: Believe me, I love you

Content Warning: Homophobia, Self Harm, Transphobia

About the art

This piece describes the journey of a child growing up and discovering their identity. At the beginning they have a want for understanding, why the world, and people, are the way they are, and this questioning is put towards their parental figures, in this case ‘mummy and daddy’, as they are at the time a young child. As the piece goes on, the child grows, they learn more about the world and themself. Now inquiring to ‘mum and dad’ about more complex issues, like: gender, sexuality, and mental health. Finally, at the turning point of adulthood, they come to realise that their parents don’t have the answers they’re looking for, and that the road to identity is a journey they will have to take alone.

About the artist

Sy Broom is a student living in rural Victoria, with their parents and sister. Sy grew up creating art and exploring different mediums, with a particular interest in film and music, but dabbling in other types of visual and written art. Their current creative outlet is through cosplay, with costuming, film, and music. They spend their limited free time in their community, particularly engaging with Skittles, the local LGBT youth group, and amateur theatre, but overall Sy is trying to focus on studying while they are still in school.