HEY series: The day they've been waiting for

Palms sweaty. Breath short. Butterflies going mad in Adam’s stomach while he sits and waits patiently as the chairlift takes him up to the ceremony. He gets out and makes his way down the aisle. His family and his fiancé’s family clap him along as he takes his spot at the altar. The next chair is bringing his fiancé. Once Adam sees the chair come up and stops he faces the altar so he can mimic the wonderful surprise of seeing his boyfriend for the first time.

Adam’s nerves are nothing compared to Oscar’s. Oscar’s shaking all over. He tries to calm his out-of-control nerves but they only grow when the towie helps Oscar off the chair. His father is waiting just at the start of the aisle.

“Hi Dad.” Oscar whispers so softly you could barely hear it.

“My boy, you look wonderful,” his father replies, in the same soft tone.

“Thanks Dad.”

His father holds out a hand and Oscar places one of his in his father’s palm. His father puts his free hand on top of Oscar’s and rubs his thumb back and forth to help calm Oscar’s nerves as they start to make their way down the aisle.

Soft music starts to play. Adam turns and his dusty blonde hair flies out of his eyes as his future husband walks and almost slips on the snow-covered ice. He lets out a small chuckle before he starts to tear up. Oscar looks stunning. Oscar is wearing a tailored white velvet suit with black accents that match Adam’s black velvet suit with white accents. Oscar has shiny black patent leather dress shoes. A black handkerchief and a singular pale pink rose adorns his top left jacket pocket, setting off his dark brown eyes that compliment his lightly tanned skin. His hair starts to catch snowflakes on the tips.

“How did I get so lucky?” Adam whispers under his breath.

Oscar and his father make their way up to the altar. His father takes his hand and places them in Adam’s. “Please, take good care of him.”

“I promise, sir, don’t worry,” Adam replies while smiling at his future husband. Oscar’s father pats his shoulder and sits down in the front row.

The service begins. “Good afternoon everybody, family, friends. We are here today to celebrate the love these two in front of me have for each other. Adam, care to share your vows?”

Adam clears his throat. “Yes, gladly.”

“With this hand,” his says, gently holding Oscar’s hand a little bit higher than before, “I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never be empty for I will be your wine. With this candle,” he drops Oscar’s hand and picks up a long stick candle and motions to Oscar to do the same, which he does, very confused but very happy, “I will light your way into darkness.” Adam lights Oscar’s candle with his own. “With this ring, I ask you to be mine.” Adam looks up and sees Oscar with tears in his eyes and the prettiest smile on his face.

“You remembered,” Oscar says, all choked up.

“Of course. It’s your favourite film, how could I forget? It’s your dream to have someone recite Victor Van Dort’s vows to you, is it not?”

“No, it is. I love you so much.”

Adam lifts Oscar’s hand and places his golden band on his left ring finger.

“Oscar, it is now time for you to recite your vows.”

Oscar takes a little bit of time to respond. “Yes, yes, right.” He frantically fidgets to get a piece of paper out of his pocket. He unfolds it and starts to read.

“Everyone should have someone that makes them smile every day, regardless of their mood. Someone who is always there and someone who can put up with their craziness. Someone who is a shoulder to cry on. Someone to love them unconditionally no matter what they do, and luckily I’ve found that person, and he is right in front of me.”

The crowd breathes, the air from their lungs visible in the bitter cold, as they appreciate the Oscar’s adorable vows. Oscar gracefully lifts Adam’s hand and places the simple yet elegant golden ring on his left ring finger.

“Now, Adam, do you take Oscar to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Adam looks into Oscar’s eyes and can’t imagine life without him. “Yes, yes I do.”

“And Oscar, do you take Adam to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Oscar looks down at their intertwined hands, both with their rings on, he looks up and smiles at his soon-to-be husband. “Yes, of course I do.”

“I now pronounce you husband and husband. Adam and Oscar, you may now kiss your husband.”

Adam grabs Oscar by the waist, dips him down and kisses him. Both of their families cheer and the crowd starts throwing pale pink rose petals. They link hands and walk down the aisle, making their way back to the chair lift to be escorted back down the snow-covered mountain.

After they’ve taken their wedding photos they make their way back to the reception. As they walk in everyone cheers and claps. There are shouts of Congratulations! and other lovely things. They take their seats at their table, happy and full of love, while their party continues and dinner is served.


Fox is a 16-year-old (he/they) who is questioning a lot of things, such as their gender and sexuality. He lives in a small country town with his mum, dad and brother. They also have a sister who moved out a couple of years ago. Growing up they always enjoyed art in lots of different mediums, but his favourite is probably water colour or acrylic painting. Trying to navigate all the changes that they’re going through has been difficult with only a couple of people nearby other who might have a similar experience has been hard, but they’ve been awesomely supported by family, friends and their school.


Fox wrote this story because he doesn’t think there’s enough genuine representation and recognition of the LGBTQIA+ experience in a genuine way. They believe that queer people deserve equal representation and so they wrote a wedding story, which just so happens to have a gay couple as the main focus.