'Is the world a fair place?'

Student Executive Committee Member, Wesley (he/him), reflects on his experience attending the National Summit on Intergenerational Fairness in Melbourne today.

Image of Sophie Howe and Wesley

“Intergenerational equity describes the idea that there should be economic and social fairness between generations”
– Think Forward 

Is the world a fair place? 

With the current crisis in climate change, housing affordability, and growing health concerns, society has come to recognise how certain issues disproportionately affect some groups more than others. As a nation that prides itself on “a fair go for all Australians”, almost every problem we face must be addressed through a cross-sectional lens, where social and economic impacts are recognised as having divergent outcomes. As such, achieving equity is a continuous process of compromise and trade-offs that must encompass people of all backgrounds, ages, races, sexualities and abilities.  

An inclusive Australia is not a singular vision. It looks different for a student having just graduated high school. It looks different for a retired pensioner. But what we know for certain is that no matter who you are, the future of our nation is a responsibility you bear. Intergenerational equity is about leaving a better world for the younger generations, and the generations yet to be born. It's about economic sustainability. It’s about community co-designing of policy. 

To elevate the conversation and champion a parliamentary inquiry, the National Summit on Intergenerational Fairness was hosted by Orygen in conjunction with the think tank organisation, Think Forward. VicSRC had the privilege of attending this event alongside researchers from the Grattan Institute, Headspace, the National Union of Students and other industry leaders. We also had the special opportunity to meet with Sophie Howe (pictured above), the first ever Future Generations Commissioner of Wales and chair of the international Network of Institutions for Future Generations

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