2022 in review

VicSRC looks back on an amazing 2022 and everything that has been accomplished.

Outgoing VicSRC CEO Nina Laitala standing at a microphone in front of a VicSRC banner, smiling out at the crowd.

After an amazing year full of surprises, triumphs and exciting student voice VicSRC has waved farewell to 2022 and, sadly, our CEO Nina Laitala.

But while we might have been celebrating next week we've still got some work to do both closing out this year and preparing for 2023.

We're still in the office until Friday 16 December and we'll be back a month later on Monday 16 January.

Before then don't forget you can pick up our limited edition SRT bundle with everything you need to get going with student voice in 2023 - for both primary and secondary schools!

If you missed the Student Voice Extravaganza and you're keen to keep up with what VicSRC is doing check out our Annual Report for this year. And if you want to know what we'll be up to next year you can always get stuck into our 2023 Advocacy Platform!

We're excited for everything that's coming in 2023 - new staff, new advocacy, more student voice! We'll see you there.