Welcoming the 2024 Student Executive Advisory Committee

Over the last couple of months, students from across Victoria nominated to be members of VicSRC's 2024 Student Executive Advisory Committee. At last week's Student Voice Awards, the successful nominees were announced.

Members of the 2023 and 2024 Executive Committee

VicSRC has a very unique governance model, where not only are we led by a Board of Trustees, we also have a group of 15 secondary school students called our Student Executive Advisory Committee, who make decisions about what advocacy priorities VicSRC works on.

Each year, these 15 students are elected through a democratic voting and campaigning process. Each candidate can campaign and promote their candidacy to their peers to grow VicSRC's student community and eliglble voting cohort.

This year, in line with amendments to our Constitution, we applied specified quotas and introduced a new internal re-election process for eligible existing Executive Committee members to continue on for a second term.

We are pleased to have Billy, Grace, Eric and Jem continue on with our Executive Committee for a second term. They have all been involved in outstanding work over their time in 2023, and we can't wait to see how they continue this work into 2024.

Joining these four are our brand new Executive Committee members, Marley, Risith, Anay, Katherine, Noah, Garv, Ivy, Darcy, Kevin, Radha and Annie.

We can already tell this is a fantastic group of students who are passionate about amplifying the voices of all Victorian students for the 2024 Executive Committee term.

As we welcome new faces though, it means we are saying goodbye to others and we want to take a moment to thank the outgoing 2023 Executive Committee for their exceptional contributions and passion for student voice that they have displayed time and time again throughout this year. Arwen, Sophia, Wesley, Oak, Joseph, Taj, Isabelle, Anjali, Aleena, Sidd and Sienna have worked incredibly hard very this year and we wish them all the very best for their very bright futures.

Last Saturday, this year's 2023 Executive Committee had their last monthly meeting before holding a handover event with the incoming team. The photo above is a mix of 2023 and 2024 Executive Committee members.

The 2024 Executive Committee will be formally inducted in January, 2024.