VicSRC Congress 2023 Advocacy Themes Announced

After a huge response from our call for Congress Pitches, the students of Victoria have spoken and we're excited to announce the key themes that will be discussed at Congress 2023.

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With our flagship event, Congress, creeping up with just a week to go, the team have been hard at work to sort through nearly 100 unique "Congress Pitches" from students of all ages and all areas throughout the state.

This year, we asked students from all across Victoria to share what they thought were the biggest issues and priorities for them, to make the education system better, stronger, and more equitable for all Victorian students.

On the day, students are divided in to "Action Groups/Teams" to work together to identify ways in which these issues can be tackled over the following year, which goes on to form VicSRC's Advocacy Platform for 2024.

We heard your voices and we identified four key themes which will be discussed at Congress.

  1. Student Mental Health & Wellbeing

    Students want to talk about how to address increasing mental health and wellbeing challenges, and how schools can provide high-quality effective support to help students through tough times.

  2. Inclusive Education

    Students want to be able to learn in a way that makes sense to them, and to make sure that students with diverse backgrounds, needs, and identities get the support they need to succeed at school.

  3. Definitions of Success

    Students want to succeed at school, but sometimes feel like there's only one pathway to get there. Changing what it means to succeed at school gives more students an opportunity to excel and thrive in different ways.

  4. Greater Investments for Students, Schools and Teachers

    Students want to see the government prioritise the education system to help every student. Whether it's more time with teachers and support staff, better facilities, new opportunities or something else, students want to feel like they matter!

We can't wait to see our delegates join forces and unpack these themes on the day. Keep an eye out for updates over on our Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn next Friday from 9am!