PRESS RELEASE: VicSRC's Election platform

Read VicSRC's first ever Election Platform and discover student priorities for the Victorian election.

An adult and a student stand together, engaged in conversation, while other students stand in the background eating lunch.

VicSRC is the only independent, education-based, student-led advocacy organisation in Australia and one of the key voices in the Victorian education sector. Students and staff regularly consult with, and provide advice to, education decision makers in Victoria including the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Minister for Education. VicSRC’s advocacy has led to significant changes in Victorian education, including students as mandatory members of government school councils, the inclusion of student voice, agency and leadership in the Education State Framework for Improving Student Outcomes, and mandatory consent education being introduced into the sexuality curriculum.

With a Victorian state election coming up in November, VicSRC is working hard to make sure students are always seen and treated as the key stakeholders in education, no matter who’s elected.

To tell candidates that student voice must remain a priority we are asking students to sign our petition.

You can read more about our priorities in the Election Platform section or in our press release.