VicSRC Year in Review Virtual Showcase

2021 was an action-packed year of advocacy, engagement and change. Check out below what our Exec and Ambassadors (and VicSRC!) achieved last year!

HEY series: Warrior

Photograph of a painting. A figure stands on a platform, their features are obscured by a rainbow mask, a flaming phoenix flies around them as they hold up a pride flag.

We received a YACVic Healthy Equal Youth grant to support and share creative works from LGBTIQ+ students living in rural and regional Victoria.

Southwest Victoria School Visits

A collage of photos. Top Left is of to women smiling in front of a school building with the school logo reading ‘sacred heart college’. The middle top image is of two women with their backs faced to camera with their thumbs pointing to the logo on the back of their sign and are posing in front of warnambool college sign. The top right is of four individuals, two women on the ends and two school students in between smiling toward camera. The bottom left is a woman smiling in a selfie, with a sign reading ‘clifton springs primary school no. 5280’. The bottom middle is a photo of two women smiling to camera in front of Clonard College sign. The bottom right is of two women kneeling on a beach in front of a blue and white sign saying warnambool.

We visited schools in Southwest Victoria, talking to student leaders about their plans for 2021.

Ambassadors Wins

Our Ambassadors continued to work hard to make change in their schools.

Lalor East Primary School's Cyber Action Team

2021 Student Led Project Award Finalist Lalor East Primary School's Cyber Action Team design and deliver lessons each year to support students to use the internet safely.

Northeast Victoria School Visits

We visited schools in Northeast Victoria, meeting with students and teachers about student-led change at their schools.

Intro to Student Voice Online Course

We launched our first free online course for students!

Student Community growth

90% increase

Our Student Community almost doubled in size (612 to 1168 students)

Start the Conversation at Northcote High School

2021 Student Led Project Award Winners Start the Conversation are a student action group devoted to advocating for the revision of the sexual education and consent curriculum.

Ambassador Story: Maisie

Long time Ambassador Maisie lobbied her school for better sexuality education.

Primary School Advisory Group

A screen shot image of a zoom meeting of 9 primary aged students, an older student, and vic src staff member all smiling to camera.

We started a Primary School Advisory Group to amplify the voices of primary students.

Student Voice School of the Year Finalist

Tarneit Senior College's student voice team is open and representative of everyone, and teachers and students work in partnership to make education happen.

Push for better consent education

A school aged girl posing outside looking down onto camera, in a school dress and blazer with her hair swept up by the wind, posing confidently.

We spoke to The Age about the state of consent education as part of a wave of youth and student voice that saw consent education made mandatory in all Victorian government schools.

Ambassador Story: Isum

Ambassador Isum worked on Congress 2020 priority Real World Skills in his school

VicSRC in the media: Consent Education

We spoke on the news about the importance of consent education shortly before it was announced as mandatory in all Victorian government schools.

Schools Mental Health Pledge

We asked schools to pledge to fulfil student asks to support better mental health and wellbeing.

Student Voice School of the Year Finalist

Every Grade 6 student at Tecoma Primary School is involved in leadership and student voice is at the centre of everything.

Return to School

5000+ signatures

We campaigned to make sure student voice was authentically included in decision making around the return to school after lockdown. More than 5,000 people supported our petition.

Congress 2021

Another year of a successful VicSRC Congress with over 100 students working together to create an education system that prioritises mental health and wellbeing.

Teach the Teacher

Lakeview Senior College completed our Teach the Teacher program, with students helping teachers implement classroom initiatives to improve student-teacher relationships.

Student Voice School of the Year 2021

Student voice is so much more than just the leadership program at Albert Park College, it's a way of informing curriculum, and it's a way of informing the wellbeing of students and staff.

Student-Led Civics and Citizenship Resources

Student-led civics and citizenship education

Civics and citizenship resources designed by students, for students were published by VCAA, completing our project from the Politics 101 priority at Congress 2019.

Teaching Consent Webinar

We hosted a free student-facilitated webinar for educators on tips for teaching consent.

Supporting Primary Students' Mental Health Webinar

We hosted a free webinar for educators to hear from students and experts about tips for supporting the mental health and wellbeing of primary school students.

Cultural Understanding and Racism Education at Eltham High School

2021 Student Led Project Award Finalists Eltham High School's Teaching and Learning Team developed and delivered a cultural understanding and racism learning unit.