Ambassadors Program

Lead the change

VicSRC Ambassadors

VicSRC Ambassadors is an annual program for Victorian students from years 6-10 interested in leading change in their schools. The program brings together students to build advocacy skills, take action on issues occurring in schools and amplify student voice.

The Ambassadors program is funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Training and is free for students.

What to expect

Four smaller, in-person workshops throughout the year in either a "regular" or "intensive" program

Opportunity to pitch a student voice project proposal to a panel of VicSRC sraff and students for the opportunity to be an Ambassador Intern

Opportunities to represent VicSRC and Victorian students at education events and consultations

What is the focus of the program?

We've changed the shape of Ambassadors this year to make sure students get the most out of their time in the program Throughout the program we will look at:  

  • Making change accessible through real world examples of steps to take and people to talk to 

  • Building skills for beyond the classroom 

  • Growing an emphasis on inter-school collaboration on shared issues 

  • Putting the power into your hands as students! 


This year, rather than running the Ambassadors Program once with a large group of students, we will be running it multiple times with groups of 15 students. This program will be offered as either a regular or intensive program covering four workshops. The regular delivery will consist of four 2 hour workshops once per week for four weeks, while the intensive version will occur across three consecutive days, likely in school holidays. 

Introducing student project proposals

Across the four workshops, you will also complete a short project proposal aiming to address an issue of student voice in your community. The skills you learn in workshops will inform your proposal with some supported working time. In the final workshop, students will present their proposals to a panel of staff and students for the chance to be offered an Ambassador Internship with VicSRC.  

The Ambassador Internship

The Ambassador Internship will be an opportunity for an individual or group of students (maximum of three students) to bring their project to life with the support of VicSRC staff. The Ambassador Intern(s) will have access to frequent guidance and support from staff from across the organisation and will gain valuable professional skills. 

Dates and information for remaining workshops throughout the year will be made available soon.