Teach the Teacher

Designed by students
Run by students

Teach the Teacher

Designed by students, the Teach the Teacher program is a whole school student-led framework to encourage and enable student voice, agency and participation delivered by VicSRC. An internationally recognised, education innovation, Teach the Teacher aims to create an inclusive school culture where everyone's voices are equally heard. Teach the Teacher supports students to drive change at school by leading collaborative conversations with teachers, school leadership and staff.

Teach the Teacher is a yearlong program which includes multiple workshops, resources and regular support from VicSRC to embed student voice practices in your school leading to long term cultural change.

Students sit around a table having a conversation, there are pens and sheets of paper covered in written plans between them.

How does Teach the Teacher work?

Students lead collaborative conversations with their school staff about how students and educators can work together to address a school issue.

The program supports students at your school to:

  • Choose and research an issue, including gathering and analysing data

  • Plan and deliver a professional learning session for educators

  • Create a plan of collaborative action to address the chosen issue

  • Share actions, learnings and impact with the whole school community

  • Embed this process of student-teacher collaboration into the school

Express your interest or contact [email protected] to start your Teach the Teacher journey!

Whole school approach to student voice

Formal acknowledgement of professional development activity for educators

Yearlong student led program

Aligned to Victorian curriculum F-10

Top 100 global education innovation

Develop critical and creative thinking

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