To advocate is to speak or act in support of or in defence of somebody, a community, or a cause.

Student voice and The Education State

Victoria is The Education State, which means we're "building an education system that produces excellence and reduces the impact of disadvantage." (DET) Student voice is a big part of that, something VicSRC has known for a long time, which has been included more and more in conversations around what it really means to be The Education State.

See the timeline below for the evolution of student voice in The Education State

A cartoon of a group of students marching under banners declaring 'empowered', 'creating real change' and 'student-led decision making'.

Campaign timeline

What's happening now?

VicSRC continues to advise the DET on resources for students, schools and the education community to make sure FISO is embedded in all Victorian schools. VicSRC continues to provide training for schools, including Teach the Teacher, Student Voice Workshops and Student Representative Team to support student voice, agency and leadership in all aspects of school.

What does this mean for students?

Your voice matters! Check out our free Intro to Student Voice course to see how to use your voice to make change at school.