To advocate is to speak or act in support of or in defence of somebody, a community, or a cause.

Our advocacy

A circle divided into six, each with a numbered step and arrows leading to the next shape. 1. Identify. Victorian students identify issues and solutions at Congress and vote on priority for action. 2. Plan. VicSRC Executive Committee, closely supported by staff, develop action plans and asks to the education sector based on the issues and solutions. 3. Present. VicSRC present the issues, asks and solutions to state government. 4. Prioritise. VicSRC focus on top three to five priorities voted by students during the Executive Committee term. 5. Execute. Executive Committee develop key messages, identify actions for VicSRC, advocate for change, and support other students to take local action at school. 6. Report. Executive Committee report back to students at the following year's Congress.

VicSRC is focused on making collective, systemic change in education at the state level in Victoria (learn more about individual student advocacy) and it also supports students to make change in their schools and communities. First and foremost VicSRC advocates for students to be involved in making decisions about their education.

VicSRC is the only independent, education-based, student-led advocacy organisation in Australia and one of the key voices in the Victorian education sector. Students and staff regularly consult with and provide advice to the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Minister for Education.

VicSRC’s top priority is to ensure that students always lead the organisation and its advocacy, supported but not directed by adult staff. This was a crucial aspect to enshrine in the constitution when the organisation incorporated in 2019. For more information about how we run check out about us.

A lot of the issues I have been very passionate about are things I wish had been worked on when I was younger by someone else (so I wasn’t affected), and to know that there’s a group of dedicated students and staff working on select issues now is very comforting.
VicSRC Executive Committee member