HEY series: Warrior

An illustration of a purple figure wearing a Pride mask, holding a Pride flag. The figure stands on a rock and is encircled by a golden bird with large yellow wings.

About the art

This is a piece that made in collaboration with a close friend of the artist. Together the pair are able to show how people who are a part of the queer community aren’t giving up anytime soon. The collaborator helped with the initial sketch and was able to get Fox’s ideas onto paper. Fox observes “I tried to keep the main character as androgynous as possible to try and include as many people as I could. They are loosely based on me as a fantasy type warrior.”

About the artist

Fox is a 16-year-old (he/they) who is questioning a lot of things, such as their gender and sexuality. He lives in a small country town with his mum, dad and brother. They also have a sister who moved out a couple of years ago. Growing up they always enjoyed art in lots of different mediums, but his favourite is probably watercolour or acrylic painting. Trying to navigate all the changes that they’re going through has been difficult with only a couple of people nearby other who might have a similar experience has been hard, but they’ve been awesomely supported by family, friends and their school.