Congress 2019

Congress 2019 was all about the idea that we don't make change alone. So many students came together and found they were thinking about the same big issues no matter where they came from. Some issues were so big there had to be multiple teams working on different facets at the same time - huge things like climate crisis and political education that are more than anyone can take on alone.

Congress priorities

In the past we've had all kinds of things come up and we've made real change! Students sitting on the school council of every government secondary school? That was us! We've done curriculum audits and big projects and you can too!

Congress 2019 was a triumph of teamwork from a group of diverse students, all fighting against the same issues and coming together to spark action at Congress and back in their own schools. Check out the interactive below to learn more about how the 2019 priorities were tackled or read the full Congress 2019 report.