Congress is VicSRC's flagship student-led experience which brings together secondary students from across Victoria to unpack ideas and solve issues in the education system. The top ideas, as voted by students, become the focus of VicSRC's advocacy for the next 12 months, spearheaded by the VicSRC Student Executive Advisory Committee.

Congress 2022 will take place in September. More details coming soon.

How does VicSRC Congress create change?

  • 1.

    Each year, Victorian secondary students pitch their ideas for, and issues with, education.

  • 2.

    Students work together on the top voted pitches to unpack ideas and solve problems, which become VicSRC's advocacy priorities for the next 12 months.

  • 3.

    VicSRC Student Executive Advisory Committee members and Ambassadors develop detailed Action Plans for the priorities, using the work students started at Congress.

  • 4.

    VicSRC, led by the Student Executive Advisory Committee, works with education decision-makers to put these plans into action and push for student-led change.

  • 5.

    Change happens! It might take more than a year, and it might look a bit different to the original plan, but slowly and surely, students shape the education system.

What to expect

Speak up, spark change

Pitch your ideas for education and vote on the top pitches

Hear the roar of student voice

A one day in person event

We don't make change alone

Work in Action Teams to unpack ideas and solve issues

Still have questions?