Congress was the start of VicSRC - to trace it back, find out what it looked like and see how it's evolved you can check out our historical Congress reports below!


Congress 2021 looked a little different than usual. Online, and in the middle of year two of the COVID-19 pandemic, it focussed on the mental health crisis among students that VicSRC had declared at the start of the year.

Students at Congress tackled eight issues identified in a survey of Victorian students, investigating links to mental health and wellbeing and coming up with statewide solutions.


The fifteenth year of VicSRC Congress was unique; an online experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 4 days in the September school holidays, delegates came together on Zoom and an online course to work together on issues that had been intensified by a year full of remote learning.


Congress 2019 was all about the idea that we don't make change alone. So many students came together and found they were thinking about the same big issues no matter where they came from. Some issues were so big there had to be multiple teams working on different facets at the same time - huge things like climate crisis and political education that are more than anyone can take on alone.


Run by students, for students and attended by the Minister for Education, VicSRC Congress 2018 brought students together from all across the state to debate, decide and act on the issues that really matter to their education. Through interactive workshops and solutions-focused debate, student delegates determined the VicSRC policy agenda for the coming year, and elected the Student Executive team that will implement it.


Congress 2017 mixed things up. Delegates shaped Congress in real time, taking control of the conversation by incorporating a choose-your-own-adventure format. Their passions drove their voice and choice as students worked together to set the agenda for education change.