Student executive advisory committee

Student Executive Advisory Committee Elections

The VicSRC Student Executive Advisory Committee (the Executive Committee) is made up of 15 students who are completing secondary education in Victoria. These Executive Committee members are elected by their peers every year, and their job is to represent Victorian students, lead VicSRC and act on the advocacy priorities identified by Victorian students at the annual VicSRC Congress. A typical year as an Executive Committee member might involve:

  • attending meetings with the Minister for Education
  • speaking on a panel to teachers and educators
  • advising the Department of Education on how to design a program or initiative to best support students
  • advising the VicSRC staff on the strategic direction of the organisation and which initiatives to focus on, or
  • sitting on committees made up of different stakeholders in the education system.

VicSRC seeks to be as representative of all Victorian students as possible. Students are elected to the Executive Committee for one year, and their term begins in October. Information about the election and how to nominate is generally released in June each year.

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Portrait of VicSRC Executive Committee member Sonany standing against a predominantly red artwork

Being a part of the Exec has enabled me grow as a person and express my voice with others. ...I’ve absolutely loved representing students across Victoria

- Sonany -

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