Do you have an idea to improve education for all Victorian students?

We're calling for pitches from Victorian students to be featured at our Congress 2023 event!

Do you think something needs to change? Is there a problem affecting students you’d love to help fix? Do you have a big idea for something new to improve the education system for every student? We want to hear all about it!  

This is your opportunity to help shape education policy in Victoria. Your pitch will be taken to VicSRC’s Congress – an annual event where students from across the state gather to discuss their big ideas, and solutions to achieve them. Your pitch helps us know what we need to discuss!  

What is a 'pitch'?

A pitch is a short explainer of your idea or something that needs to change or improve in our education system to help Victorian students.  There are three main elements to a great VicSRC Congress pitch:

  • It’s short: a good pitch is short and sweet. If you can explain your idea simply, that means you’re probably onto a winner!  

  • It helps all students: Everyone wishes that school was a bit different for lots of reasons, but we want to make sure we can help EVERY student with your big idea!  

  • It focuses on solutions: we want to hear your ideas about how we fix the problem or make your idea a reality. Tell us the problem and the solution!  

How to submit your pitch

Video pitch

Record a short video (up to 90 seconds) explaining the problem and your solution. Upload your pitch to YouTube or Vimeo, set it to private, and include the link in the form.  

Written pitch

Write a short note (up to 250 words) about the problem you’re trying to solve and the solution you’ve come up with. Put your written pitch into the form, and send it over! 

Talk to us

Not sure how to express your idea? Need to talk it through?
Use the 'Submit Your Pitch!' button above to get in touch with the VicSRC team.

A guide on what to include in your pitch...

Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect!

These pitches will help us understand Victorian students’ biggest priorities for education reform. 

Find out more about what Congress is